Why Healthcare Professionals Need Training in HIPAA? |

HIPPA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is a subject of patient privacy laws in the US health care system. HIPPA is the need and requirement for anyone involving and accessing healthcare services. The healthcare providers need HIPAA training to maintain patient privacy laws because technology is evolving and the law and its applicability are also changing.

The individuals who are involved in healthcare services and possess experience in dealing with HIPAA are also required to be up to date with current best practices. A well designed HIPAA training course can save money and time of an organization. Scroll down to know more about why healthcare professionals need training in HIPAA.

To Avoid Patient Information Access to Third Parties

Maintaining HIPAA is very complex and its violation can result in millions of fine and can be an offensive act. It is not good to give out patient’s information to unauthorized third parties. It also comes under HIPAA violation. When a doctor leaves a patient’s folder open containing personal information, it can cause third parties to access data. The third parties can also access the patient’s private data from email addresses. So changing HIPAA training is essential for health care providers.

HIPAA Training Includes Cyber Security Education

Today all the organization are storing patients’ information digitally and digital data is vulnerable to many risks. HIPAA training includes having a strong cybersecurity system and a team to prevent data breaches. Apart from patient information, physician contact information and health information are also vulnerable to hackers. HIPAA training also includes not to let employees sell or leak patient data to hackers.

Dealing with Minors

Children and minors who are under the age of 18 are treated specially under HIPAA legislation. According to HIPAA rules, employees should deal with different procedures for dealing with children’s data. HIPPA rules suggest an organization that a minor’s legal guardian will make the minor’s medical decision. There are many rare cases where the court decided the guardian is unable to make the decision regarding minor’s treatment.

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