Westminster Dog Show Photos: Best in Show and More

For some dogs entered in the Westminster Kennel Club’s annual showcase in Manhattan this week, the show is already over. Hundreds of entrants in dozens of breeds got the once-over and a sudden goodbye in judging on Monday. As always, a few crowd favorites survived the cut. (They won’t win. They rarely do.) For those that remain, Tuesday will be a long day of grooming, snoozing and trying to stay on their best behavior before the Best in Show winner is announced tonight at Madison Square Garden.

Great Danes waited to be judged at Piers 92/94.

Dougie, a Wire Fox Terrier, left, was groomed backstage. Carol Galloway with her Lizzie, right, a Norwich Terrier.

From left to right: Audrey, Bo and Nikita, all Cesky Terriers, sat with thier owner.

A Bichon Frise relaxed while getting a touchup.

Sirpa, a Bedlington Terrier, groomed before the show.

Judges inspected Manchester Terriers on the Pier.

A Cocker Spaniel ran across the green.

Dogs lined up waiting to be judged.

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