These Sure Are Photos of Kim Jong-un on a Horse

It was a striking scene, of the leader of a nuclear-armed nation astride his majestic horse.

The North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, rode the white steed through snowy fields, galloping between dusted trees, pausing for an aw-shucks-I’m-on-a-horse smile at the camera. His servants in the state media said on Wednesday that his eyes “were full of noble glitters.”

While Mr. Kim has no shortage of obviously posed propaganda photos, “world leaders on horseback” has been a very special genre at least since Vladimir Putin’s famous bare-chested entry in 2009. This doesn’t come along every day.

It is unclear whether the photos of Mr. Kim portended news of geopolitical impact. Unless, that is, you trust the North Korean state media, which called Mr. Kim’s horseback ride up Mount Baekdu “a great event of weighty importance in the history of the Korean revolution.”

Mount Baekdu is considered a sacred mountain laden with symbolism, the mythical birthplace of the Koreans. A volcano that straddles the Chinese and North Korean border — the Chinese call it Changbaishan — it is a central setting for North Korean propaganda, a place where soldiers are sent on pilgrimages to swear loyalty to their leader. North Korea insists that Mr. Kim’s father and predecessor, Kim Jong-il, was born in a log cabin there, despite proof that he was born elsewhere.

Anyway, here’s Mr. Kim riding through a forest.

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