The Service Club Changes Forever

The Service Club’s relationship has been the focus of this season, and things reached a breaking point in this past episode.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 8 of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, “Wishing That, At the Very Least I Don’t Make Any More Mistakes,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax’s latest episode brings Yukino and Hachiman’s competition to an end, as the relationship between the Service Club members changes in a significant way.

Hachiman asks Hayto if he and the Captain Committee can help out with his prom preparations, a request Hayato denies due to already committing to assisting the Student Council in their efforts. Hayato also makes a point of rejecting Hachiman’s offer personally, which leads him to question Hachiman’s methods in helping Yukino. Hachiman merely responds that it’s something like “a man’s pride.”

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Following the meeting, Hachiman heads to the beach with Yui, Zaimokuza, Hina and Yumiko to take pictures for the prom’s social media page. During the shoot, Hina too questions Hachiman’s roundabout method of doing things. He replies that the simplest ways of doing things often end up being the most difficult.

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After the gaming club members finalize the prom’s social media site, Hachiman calls Haruno to ask for a meeting. She meets Hachiman and Yui at a nearby restaurant where Hachiman asks her to leak the info about their prom, in the hopes of getting the PTA’s attention. Haruno once again questions Hachiman’s motivations for helping Yukino, and alludes to their previous conversation about codependency. This piques Yui’s interest and visibly bothers her, but Hachiman pushes through Haruno’s questions and once again tells her that it’s for mutual support.

Back at school, Shizuka tells Hachiman that Mrs. Yukinoshita wants to meet with him. The three of them gather in the same room as before, and make their case for the alternate prom project while Hachiman discreetly tries to push the original plan. After Mrs. Yukinoshita admits that those involved on her end are stubborn about the prom, Hachiman recognizes her as their greatest asset and attempts to get her on their side. After asking him his name, Mrs. Yukinoshita realizes that Hachiman is the same person from the car accident and the two formally introduce themselves to the other. As the meeting concludes, she finally decides to help convince the opposition.

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Hachiman goes to the Service Club where he finds Yukino looking out the window. As it is revealed that Yukino’s prom plan was approved, the two briefly quarrel over who won the showdown, with Hachiman meticulously going over the exact wording used. Yukino then gets emotional and after admitting that she enjoyed their time together in the Service Club, requests that they end their fake relationship on the spot. Hachiman then admits defeat and asks for Yukino’s wish. She requests that he grant Yui’s wish, something he accepts before leaving the room.

Later that night, Yukino messages Yui and the two meet up at a nearby bus stop. They talk about the prom preparations, and Yukino laments that she ultimately couldn’t refuse Hachiman’s help. As the two talk, Yui comes to realize that their relationship had ended.

With the last few episodes of the series around the corner, “Wishing That, At the Very Least, I Don’t Make Any More Mistakes” sees some of SNAFU’s most important relationships change for good. What this is all leading up to is anyone’s guess, but with the overwhelmingly melancholy tone this season has had, alongside the complexity of Hachiman, Yukino and Yui’s relationship, fans can expect some big revelations in the coming episodes.

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