The Only Beginners Guitar Book You'll Ever Need

Frustrated with those terrible YouTube video guitar tutorials? Well, the feeling is mutual. Spending years researching all popular beginner guitar books out in the market and using them for 20 years teaching my students. There was never a time where I had to jump to other guitar material to cover what was missing in the current book I was teaching off of. Are they ever going to come out with a book that will cover what’s needed for beginning guitarists? This is where my journey began to create the ultimate beginners guitar book. Now it can be in your hands today! “The Only Beginner’s Guitar Book You’ll Ever Need” gives you everything a total beginner needs from: 1. Covering all 15 basic guitar chords (majors, minors, sevenths) 2. Finger exercises that help build strength and dexterity while playing. 3. Covers eighth notes and rests. ( all beginner books do not cover this topic ) 4. 10 original tunes. 5. Proper strumming patterns. 6. Play in different styles, including rock, blues, latin, folk, and classical. 7. Very simple to follow instructions and illustrations. And much more… “The Only Beginner’s Guitar Book You’ll Ever Need” is a slam dunk for anyone interested in speeding up their guitar process.

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