The Effects of Gadgets & Mobile Phones on Testosterone Levels


The technology is advancing at an excellent rate and new gadgets are coming into our lives. These gadgets have made our lives much easier but they also have some ill-effects on our health. Various studies have found that due to the long-time exposure to radiations from mobile phones as well as other gadgets, human health has been affected on a large scale. One of the key issues is the low testosterone levels which have resulted in the birth of many diseases. In this post, we have discussed in details the effect of gadgets and mobile phones on testosterone levels in the human body.


One of the biggest problems which arise due to the high exposure to gadgets and smartphones is the low-testosterone levels in humans. It simply leads to infertility in both men and women. The harmful radiations emitted from gadgets and mobile phones damage the sperm cells which in turn reduces the sperm count. The heat generated from the gadgets hampers the growth as well as the recovery of sperm cells which leads to infertility in both men as well as women alike.

Stress and Depression

As mentioned above, the radiations from electronic gadgets and mobile phones contributed to the reduction in the testosterone levels in humans. This simply increases the stress in our lives and also makes us depressed. Those who use mobile phones and laptops for the majority of the portion of day notice an increase in the stress in their lives. And this results from the decreasing level of testosterone levels, the capacity of our body to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression decreases to a great extent.

Low Immunity

Testosterone is an important hormone produced by testes in our body. Due to the high use of smartphones and other electronic gadgets, it decreases on a large scale. This leads to a decrease in immunity of our body which invites many other types of diseases. Studies have found that exposing yourself to electronic devices for a long period of time causes hair fall problem, obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle problems. These simply reduces the work efficiency of a person and contribute to poor lifestyle.

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