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Origin of Cotton

Cotton was first cultivated in 5500 BC in Mehrgarh and Balochistan. It later received well-known in Indus Valley which is now referred to as India. Cotton is the oldest textile on the planet. It’s utilized in manufacturing of a number of objects equivalent to upholstery, rugs, curtains, t-shirts, denims, child care merchandise, medicines, and so on. There are 4 main kinds of cotton on the planet: Upland, Pima, Tree and Levant Cotton and we’re going to focus on about these cotton on this article. 


The place did the various kinds of cotton originated from?

Upland cotton : North & Central America 

Pima cotton : South America 

Tree Cotton :  India & Pakistan 

Levant Cotton : South Africa & Arabian Peninsula 


Size of Totally different Cotton

Upland Cotton: 20-30 mm 

Pima Cotton:  >30 mm 

Tree Cotton: 25-26mm

Levant Cotton : 20 – 25mm


Which Cotton is Utilized in Making What?

Upland Cotton: Cloth manufacturing, Feminine Hygiene and child care merchandise manufacturing.

Pima Cotton: Cloth manufacturing 

Tree Cotton: Cooking filter and gauze 

Levant Cotton: Medical Objects for fever, diarrhea, headache, nausea and so on


Which Plant Grows Which Cotton?

Upland Cotton: Gossypium Hirsutum 

Pima Cotton: Gossypium Barbadense 

Tree Cotton: Gossypium Arboreum 

Levant Cotton: Gossypium Harbeacum 


Which Cotton has Highest and Lowest Market Share ?

Upland Cotton: 90% Market share 

Pima Cotton: 6-8% Market share

Tree Cotton: 2% Market share

Levant Cotton: 2% Market share


What’s the Texture of the Cotton ?

Upland Cotton: Quick fiber 

Pima Cotton: Lengthy and robust

Tree Cotton: Quick and tensile 

Levant Cotton: Shortest and roughest



Pima has the very best quality cotton amongst all kinds of cotton on the planet. The best market share is of upland cotton. Tree cotton is utilized in manufacturing a particular kind of cloth referred to as Muslin material and bulk printed t-shirts are made out of this cotton in India and, levant cotton is utilized in manufacturing medical objects. So, we are able to say that various kinds of cotton have completely different speciality and use. Tirupur, T-shirt manufacturing hub of India right here T-shirt producers purchase tree cotton to fabricate t-shirt wholesalers and retailers purchase t-shirts in bulk made by them.

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