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Stem Cell Remedy for ALS in India | Plexus Article – ArticleTed

After we are handed an ALS prognosis, our first response is despair and a sense that life is working away from us. We begin to assume that the tip is close to and all however hand over on the life we live at the moment.


BUT… at Plexus, we consider that ALS will be stalled, its signs will be managed, and life can lookup once more!


Spearheaded by internationally acclaimed neurologist and stem cell specialist, Dr. Na’eem Sadiq, Plexus brings you the perfect regenerative rehabilitation for ALS. It is a holistic method that could be a mixture of physiotherapy, occupational remedy, speech remedy, stem cell remedy, and different tailor-made methods that provides you with a renewed sense of hope and elevate your high quality of life.


On this weblog, we’ll discover the varied levels of ALS, its accompanying challenges, conventional and new therapies, and the potential of stem cell remedy in ALS administration. We’ll assist you to perceive simply how efficient, secure, and risk-free stem cell remedy for ALS will be.

What’s ALS?

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neuromuscular illness that assaults motor nerve cells within the mind (higher motor neurons) and spinal wire (decrease motor neurons). In its preliminary levels, it causes lack of motor management. Nevertheless, because the illness advances, it results in motor impairment.

Stage-wise signs of ALS

The earliest signs of ALS are:


  • Deterioration of muscle in legs and arms leading to impairment

  • Uncontrollable intervals of crying or laughter

  • Incapacity to carry out easy on a regular basis duties

  • Lack of motor management (in palms and arms)

  • Dropping issues (as a result of lack of motor management)

  • Weak point and fatigue

  • Tripping and falling

  • Slurred speech

  • Problem in talking (voice-projection troubles)

  • Cognitive and behavioural modifications

The 7 levels of ALS


The Early Stage – Stiffness, cramping, muscle weak point, and so forth. start to set in


Analysis Stage – Lack of motor management turn out to be extra pronounced, a physician’s prognosis is essential at this stage as a way to start therapy


Center Stage (second area) – Respiratory points, swallowing troubles, contractures (muscle shortening), and so forth. start to emerge as voluntary muscle tissue begin to lose full perform (resulting in paralysis)


Center Stage (third area) – Dysphagia and speech irregularities set in, different signs like fatigue, continual complications, pneumonia, and different illnesses start to look; respiratory failure is a typical concern at this stage


Gastronomy Stage – Extreme dysphagia resulting in tube feeding


Final Stage – Full lack of perform of voluntary muscle tissue, blood oxygen ranges might drop as a result of respiratory points; medical doctors might put affected person on a ventilator


Closing Stage – Dying attributable to pneumonia, pulmonary failure, cardiovascular illnesses, and so forth.

ALS remission

Presenty, there are not any 100% restoration programmes for ALS. It’s usually thought-about a illness with restricted remission instances. Theoretical physicist and maybe one the best minds of the 20 th and twenty-first centuries, Stephen Hawking lived with ALS for greater than 50 years (after prognosis). Though not a case remission, Stephen Hawking had a slow-progressing type of the illness. There have been a number of instances of individuals outliving their prognosis and persevering with to reside a lifetime of function. Nevertheless, it should be famous that these people have merely managed to reside with the signs. ALS is a lifelong, progressive, and neurodegenerative illness.

Therapy choices

The above levels of ALS and their related signs might sound worrying. It’s possible you’ll end up anxious concerning the type of life you would find yourself dwelling after an ALS prognosis. Whereas the illness in itself shouldn’t be irreversible, its signs will be managed, and the speed of development can undoubtedly be managed.


Presently, there are not any internationally authorized medicines for ALS, though riluzole and edaravone have been FDA-approved to assist with signs administration. Nevertheless, medical doctors advocate a mixture the next:

Signs administration

Bodily Remedy: To take care of mobility, energy, and independence for so long as potential

Occupational Remedy: To adapt to modifications in each day dwelling actions and assist with assistive units

Speech Remedy: To speech and swallowing difficulties typically skilled by ALS sufferers (Learn extra about managing dysphagia in ALS right here)

Diet: To take care of weight; speech therapists and nutritionists might develop modified diets or recommend feeding tubes if crucial

Respiratory Help

Within the superior levels of ALS, respiratory muscle tissue weaken and result in respiration difficulties. Non-invasive constructive strain air flow (NIPPV) and invasive mechanical air flow (IMV) are used to help respiration and delay survival.

Assistive Gadgets

Mobility aids, communication units, and adaptive tools could also be prescribed to enhance the affected person’s high quality of life and foster independence.

Scientific Trials

These trials consider potential new therapies and therapies for ALS. Usually, some deal with disease-modifying therapies, whereas others work in direction of assuaging signs.


Palliative Care and Help

With a deal with enhancing the affected person’s high quality of life, palliative care groups present complete help to ALS sufferers and their households, addressing bodily, emotional, and psychosocial wants.

Different approaches

Relying on the stage of the illness and the severity of the signs skilled, medical doctors might advise complementary therapies corresponding to Acupuncture, therapeutic massage remedy, and dietary dietary supplements.

New advances in ALS care


By specializing in illness modification and concurrently enhancing sufferers’ high quality of life, scientists and medical doctors are working to determine potential advances in ALS therapy, corresponding to:

Plexus Rehabilitation for ALS

Plexus’ regenerative rehabilitation program is tailor-made to swimsuit the affected person’s signs, physician’s prognosis, present way of life, in addition to any aspirations the affected person and their caregivers might have. This distinctive regenerative rehabilitation program affords a plethora of therapies and therapies to equip the affected person with extra independence and to make caregivers extra knowledgeable concerning the illness, its development, and the way they’ll play a significant position within the affected person’s life.


Our program consists of stem cell remedy, occupational remedy, physiotherapy, speech remedy, actions for each day dwelling coaching, and so forth.


Immediately, stem cell remedy is thought to be probably the most efficient therapies for ALS.

Stem Cell Remedy at India’s first ISO-Licensed Stem Cell Analysis Centre

Plexus Neuro and Stem Cell Analysis Centre makes use of autologous stem cells taken from the affected person’s personal physique. The process is performed underneath the steerage of Dr. Sadiq, by a workforce of extremely expert and skilled stem cell specialists.

Stem cell remedy for ALS

Stem cell remedy is actually a sort of regenerative therapy that makes use of the physique’s pure therapeutic mechanism to deal with numerous circumstances. Injected stem cells decelerate the speed of neurodegeneration and still have the capability to self-renew, regenerate cells, and restore broken tissue.


Neuroprotection is among the main goals of regenerative therapies like stem cell remedy. Injected stem cells also can present immunomodulation, secrete progress components, and produce supporting cells that may defend broken motor neurons from additional injury and degeneration. A few of these supporting cells embody astrocytes and oligodendrocytes.


Among the advantages of stem cell remedy for ALS embody:


  • Enhanced on a regular basis functioning

  • Improved high quality of life

  • Immune system modulation and discount of irritation

  • Prevention of additional nerve injury

  • Speedy restoration post-procedure

  • Non-surgical process

  • Zero issues and side-effects


At Plexus, our stem cell process entails the next steps:


  1. After reviewing the affected person’s medical historical past, a panel of stem cell consultants will conduct an intensive bodily examination of the affected person

  2. Therapists will verify if the affected person is eligible for stem cell remedy

  3. Stem cells are procured from the affected person’s bone marrow; this process is carried out underneath native anesthesia

  4. Collected stem cells are ready and despatched to the laboratory for high quality checks and remoted for additional remedy

  5. Within the laboratory, remoted stem cells divide and kind daughter cells which may both self-renew or flip into specialised cells like mind cells, bone cells,  or coronary heart muscle cells

  6. Sufferers are discharged

  7. Relying on the stage of the illness, degree of signs, and another wants of the affected person, the specialists will set a date for the stem cells to be injected into the affected person’s physique, concentrating on particular areas

  8. Additional course of therapy is set


Stem cell remedy is secure and risk-free as a result of the autologous stem cells are drawn from the affected person’s blood, bone marrow, or adipose tissue. They’re progenitor cells which have the potential to multiply and rework into specialised cells, taking over the features of the broken cells by changing them.

Different therapies within the rehabilitation program

Occupational remedy

Occupational remedy (OT) empowers the affected person to carry out each day actions with way more ease by serving to them handle their signs. OT helps restore energy, enhance endurance and hand perform, and handle fatigue. Our workforce of extremely expert occupational therapists will assist you to regain independence and even enhance your on a regular basis performance.


Physiotherapy is among the most beneficial therapies for sufferers with ALS. It’s recognized to enhance posture and stop joint immobility. It will possibly additionally delay the inevitable atrophy attributable to a scarcity of motor perform. Our physiotherapists will devise an train plan that’s in step with the affected person’s necessities, way of life, and aspirations.

Speech and language remedy

One of the vital troubling, frequent, and advancing signs of ALS is dysphagia. A speech therapist might help keep communication expertise, and in addition enhance swallowing expertise. Speech remedy additionally helps sufferers regain the power to supply sounds and speech.


Muscle relaxants and drugs

Muscle relaxants are prescribed by medical doctors to alleviate muscle stiffness. They’ll additionally assist cut back drooling that happens as a result of dysphagia.


Plexus’ rehabilitation for ALS additionally affords:


  • Diets and vitamin plans

  • Endurance coaching and health administration

  • Purposeful stretching for aid from muscle stiffness

  • Hand perform coaching

  • Purposeful splinting

  • Strengthening of muscle tissue within the shoulder, neck, higher and decrease limbs, and oral constructions

  • Actions for each day dwelling coaching

  • Vitality conservation and work simplification coaching

  • Counseling and caregiver help


To know extra, attain out to Crew Plexus at the moment.

WhatsApp +91 89048 42087

Name +91 78159 64668 (Hyderabad) | +91 82299 99888 (Bangalore)



1. Are there any promising therapies for ALS?

A mixture of physiotherapy, occupational remedy, and speech remedy has enabled sufferers to acknowledge and handle their signs properly. As a regenerative therapy, stem cell remedy has proven vital enchancment in sufferers with ALS.


2. Can ALS cease progressing?

ALS is a progressive neuromuscular dysfunction. Its fee of development will be managed, nevertheless, the illness in itself is irreversible.


3. Can ALS go into remission?

Presently, solely lower than 1% of ALS instances have gone into remission. Nevertheless, stem cell remedy has introduced in a way of hope in medical doctors and sufferers. The therapy has helped quite a few sufferers handle their signs for a number of years after the prognosis.


4. The place is the perfect place for therapy of ALS?

Plexus is India’s first ISO-Licensed stem cell analysis heart based by Dr. Na’eem Sadiq. As India’s foremost neurologist and stem cell specialist, Dr. Sadiq and his workforce of specialists supply the perfect therapy plan for ALS underneath Plexus’ regenerative rehabilitation applications. These include stem cell remedy, physiotherapy, occupational remedy, speech remedy, and so forth.


5. Is there a remedy for ALS in 2023?

There’s no remedy for ALS. However, its signs will be managed to a level that the illness doesn’t intrude with the affected person’s high quality of life. And that is an distinctive feat in relation to treating motor neuron ailments like ALS.


6. Are you able to construct muscle with ALS?

There isn’t sufficient proof to help the concept of constructing muscle by way of energy coaching.


7. Can ALS injury be reversed?

Sadly, no. ALS is a progressive illness. Nevertheless with well timed prognosis and immediate therapy, its signs will be managed, and the illness’s fee of development will be managed.


8. Does stretching assist with ALS?

Sure, stretching workout routines can enhance muscle flexibility and delay atrophy. It needs to be carried out underneath the steerage of a physiotherapist who’s skilled within the administration of neuromuscular problems.


9. What meals assist combat ALS?

Balanced and dietary meals are essential to handle the signs of ALS.

Nutritionists advocate consuming servings of excessive protein-based meals, wealthy in antioxidants and carotenes, in addition to high-fiber grains.

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