Really Good Face Mask Signs

Last week, a vintage store in Phoenix went viral for their killing grandma face mask sign. This is clearly becoming a thing, so here’s a collection of other stores with really good mask signs.


Possibly the best sign for all Missoula businesses during this time for the entitled ones who refuse to wear a mask. A friend of mine posted outside his store in LV. @MissoulaCurrent @kpaxnews #mtnews #montana #missoula #WearADamnMask #MaskUpMT


Sign in New York. Can’t wait to go back one day. Telling people like it is 👍🏼😂


We assure you we’re open! A beautiful day to put on your mask, grab your best social distancing practices, and come snag some new music at the store! Keep an eye out while shopping for signs on how to best follow our reopening guidelines. Damn it feels good to be open again. ❤️📀


“No Mask, No Liquor” — sign in the window of the ABC store here on Oak Island, NC.

Makes you yearn for the good old days of “No Shoes, No Booze.” 😅🍾

#tcot #coronavirus #MasksOn

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