Prospect Park’s Jeff Kwatinetz Announces New Qatari Comedy Film, “Ahmed and the Emir”

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Prospect Park’s Jeff Kwatinetz, who recently secured the rights to Drudge Revolution, is now taking on international politics.  He has acquired and developed the film, tentatively called “Ahmed and the Emir,” which already has one surprising attachment that is sure to surprise.

Soon, he’ll be taking the comedy pitch to studios, many of whom have already expressed interest.  In this biting satirical comedy in the vein of Tropic Thunder, it takes on everything from professional sports to world politics as the film follows two entrepreneurs who set out to launch a three on three basketball league and quickly realize they’re in way over their heads.

After accepting much needed funding from some very convincing but nefarious Qatari businessmen, the men soon learn that the condition of the funding not only includes a Qatari national team joining the league, but one filled with players under five seven who have no talent at all. With pushback from the other players, things can’t seem to get worse until the CIA rolls in and threatens to arrest them. To their dismay, it turns out that the Qataris are spies hell-bent on destroying America, headed by leader Ahmed Nasser, and aim to use the league’s travel schedule to DC, New York, and many other major cities as a cover for their secret missions.  

Apparently, this is nothing new, as the CIA tells the two men the Qataris have used bribes and money to infiltrate the sports world before. This challenge presents a unique opportunity for the entrepreneurs, as the CIA offers them the chance to be heroes. The Quataris are trying to bribe their way into the Olympics, which is against the US national interest. In order to stay out of jail, the men will need to allow another team to join the league…one filled with CIA players who can keep their eyes on the enemy. The CIA puts it simply, “The bad news is you’ve taken money and been infiltrated. The good news is Ahmed Nasser is considered the Maxwell Smart of the Qatari spy agency and is basically a clown.” 

The Qataris will be portrayed as absolute clowns, especially the leaders whom the spies report to back home.  An appearance by “Donald Trump” will be portrayed similarly to the way Tom Cruise played the Studio Head in Tropic Thunder.

With no choice but to move forward, the guys head into an inaugural season. Matters are only further complicated by Emir’s gay brother who begins a complicated romance with one of the CIA agents. But the guys are all in for a season that may bring them great success, save the Western world from terrorists, jail time, world war three, or all of the above.  

Throughout his 25-year career as the CEO/Founder of both The Firm and Prospect Park, Jeff Kwatinetz has been responsible for numerous films, tv shows, as well as guided some of the biggest careers in Hollywood.  Most recently, Kwatinetz founded BIG3 with long term partner Ice Cube.  Together, they also run film and television company Cube Vision.

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