Prescription Assistance Programs: Health Information for Older People

I want help paying for my prescriptions. I heard an ad on the radio for a number to call to see if you qualify free of charge prescriptions. When I called, they said I was eligible, but I had to pay for quite a significant fee. Is this a con?


Prescription assistance programs, or PAPs, enable those who can’t afford to fund their medications to have them free of charge or a low price. Typically, the applications are sponsored by prescription drug companies or your state. Your financial situation, the cost of the drugs, and whether you’ve other prescription drug coverage help determine whether you qualify for a prescription assistance program.


Emails, ads, and websites for companies that guarantee free or low-cost prescription drugs for a significant fee upfront are scams. You are paying for information and applications which are designed for free. And even if the organization relates to legitimate programs on your behalf, you still might be rejected for the prescription assistance program.


If you were to think you might be eligible free of charge or low-cost prescription drugs, there isn’t to pay to get out. Ask your physician or pharmacist, or visit among the websites on this page. Like, the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) helps consumers find prescription drug coverage. When you enter the prescription medicines, you take and answer several questions about your prescription and financial situation, and the site directs one to programs you might be eligible for. You can apply online, or you can ask your health care provider to complete it for you. In either case, medical care providers usually need certainly to approve applications. If you need informative data on free or low-cost providers and clinics in your town, go to the federal Health Resources and Services Administration or use PPA’s Free Clinic Finder. While all Medicare patients can search for Medicare Part D plans on the web, those that may qualify for additional help will find more info from the Social Security Administration.

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