My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax Deepens the Service Clubs’ Biggest Flaw

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax once again highlights the issues surrounding the Service Club with its most recent episode.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 7 of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, “Until the End, Yui Yuigahama Will Continue Watching,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The prom preparations continue to be a focal point of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax’s narrative, with episode 7 seeing Hachiman and Yui’s prom preparations taking steps in the right direction.

The episode begins with Zaimokuza introducing Hachiman and Yui to the members of the gaming club, Hatano and Sagami. Though initially reluctant to join in on their plan, Hachiman manages to convince Hatano and Sagami, and the group begins planning out their course of action.

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After some discussion, Yui suggests that they work together with Kaihin Sogo High. Hachiman is initially reluctant due to past experiences, but Yui manages to convince him that it’s the best course of action. The episode then skips ahead to the day of the meeting with Kaihin. Hachiman sheepishly wishes his sister a happy birthday before heading out to meet Yui. Remembering his last experience with Tamanawa, Hachiman spends his commute trying to memorize as many foreign business terms as possible.

At the meeting, Tamanawa catches Hachiman off-guard, as he uses none of the foreign terms he had used in their previous meeting. Tamanawa bluntly rejects the proposal, which leads Hachiman to engage him and Kaori in a rap-battle style back-and-forth. The battle ends with Tamanawa concluding that the proposal, though flawed, would be acceptable with a little more work.

After the meeting, Yui and Hachiman return back to school. The gaming club members tease Yui for a while before getting back to work, and Zaimokuza comes up with a name for the project. The newly dubbed “Sobu High School Prom: The Saiko Project” begins on refining their proposal, with Yui suggesting that Hachiman contact Hayato and the Captain Committee.

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On his way to meet with Hayato, Hachiman runs into Yukino. The two start discussing their respective plans and exchange drinks. As the two get lost in conversation, Yui suddenly appears. She informs Hachiman of Hayato’s intentions to meet with them before turning her attention to Yukino. Yui asks Yukino if she’s been avoiding her, which Yukino denies. After some tension, Yui embraces Yukino and tells her of all the things she wants them to do together after the prom planning is done. Hachiman looks at the two and concludes that the three of them still can’t directly convey their feelings and emotions to one another.

“Until the End, Yui Yuigahama Will Continue Watching Over Them” brings the three social club members together again after weeks of turmoil. It’s obvious that something big is going to happen between Yui, Yukino and Hachiman, but the issue surrounding the prom continues to be the main focus. Yui’s optimism might be the only thing holding the group together, as some major changes threaten their dynamic for good.

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