Managed Cloud Hosting of Cloudways is Becoming the New way of Hosting WordPress

Managed cloud hosting platform, Cloudways, has introduced a new startup program, enhanced staging and new Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificated feature. It is solely providing services of top five web hosting companies through Cloudways coupon codes. Its managed cloud hosting platform is taking away all the technical complexities to let focus on the growth and success of a website with complete peace of mind. Cloudways is experiencing the breath of WordPress through its managed hosting.

Hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce is taking away cloud server related hassles so the website developer can scale their website to any way they want. Actually, Cloudways is providing cutting edge managed cloud web hosting features that include advanced-cache coupled with a breeze, a simplified Cloudways cache, and Cloudways CDN. They all together are providing a smooth web hosting environment. Cloudways is also providing some AdSpy tools. Click for Adspy guidance.

Cloudways promo codes are revolutionizing the website hosting environment because it is providing Cloudways Coupon and Cloudways Promo Code with the best deal in town. Cloudways promo codes are eliminating the need to use hundreds of web services, as it is offering five of the top web hosting companies including Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, and Google Compute Engine. It is assisting developers with SSL Installation, HTTPs redirects, and backups. They have eliminated the need to install cPanel. Click for Cloudways promo code for hosting your website.

Cloudways is becoming a number one choice of developers because it has started integrating with major web applications for quickly researching the provided options and choosing the best plan for a particular business. It is including the services of WordPress, Joomla, Laravel, Drupal and Magento.

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