Instagram, Bing Ads & Facebook Cloaker PHP Script for $125

Instagram, Bing Ads & Facebook Cloaker PHP Script

Hello Buyer,

I’ve been an affiliate marketer and programmer for 9+ years and I’ve learned alot one if which is how bots work and how links are reviewed on social media.

This service is basically for those who do marketing or other business and have their links blocked on social media, my cloaker enables you bypass link blocking problems and helps you bypass the AD approval process on Google & Bing ads if you do blackhat.

My cloaker is written in PHP and Curl and i contains lot of blacklisted ip’s (manual reviewers and bots) & I also update it every day so you won’t have problem with your links.

After buying, I’ll give you info on how to use it and please no refund after buying because I’ve been using it for years and I’ve not encountered any issues, I can only refund if you encounter any issues.

After Buying I’ll be updating blacklisted IP address for 6 months and after 6 months, anything that happens it at your own risk, if you want lifetime updates you can order the lifetime version below which is $399( Lifetime update means I’ll teach you how to find & update the blacklisted IP address) and you’ll also get the decoded version of the script.

So what you’re getting for $150 is the Encoded version of the script(You won’t see the code) and daily updates for 6 months

What you’re getting for $399 is decoded version of the script and ill also teach you how to get the blacklisted IP Addresses.

Please Contact me before you order..

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