I will find list of target startup/investors companies for $5

I will find list of target startup/investors companies

you need startup companies based in UK or USA ? I will do it for you for 5$ for 50-80 entries

I can help you to find startup companies from USA or UK as your target Market or your leads. I search it in Online Directories, Crunchbase ,Angelist, Google search or Kickstarter depend the resources you want to give . Hope IT industry

*I will provide the following row in Excel spreadsheet format :

  1. Company name,
  2. Location(address),
  3. Website(link),
  4. email Address
  5. Phone (Optional)

all are verified . If you want to add contact person and their LinkedIn profile I will charge additional 5$

*this gig sort of Market research so if you need further details of something to ask , its better if you don’t buy gig first and let’s discuss . Note: All Service description must be change depend the client request


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