Giant Hammerhead Shark On The Hunt Will Keep You From Florida Forever

It doesn’t have to be “Shark Week” for great shark footage in Florida.

A stunning new video shared online Tuesday (watch below) shows a giant hammerhead shark hunting blacktip sharks just off the beach. It’s on the prowl in human-wading territory, but this buffet should be off-limits to anyone who hasn’t grown gills and sharp teeth.

Joshua Jorgensen’s drone footage, posted to his BlacktipH YouTube channel, reveals the large predator accelerating quickly for its size but being outmaneuvered by the smaller blacktips. That is, until one lonely blacktip becomes lunch.

Jorgensen didn’t immediately respond to requests for additional information about the video.

Thousands of blacktip sharks migrate to South Florida every year in search of more temperate waters and food. They normally appear in the winter.

“We welcome blacktip sharks back to South Florida because they are critically important to our ecosystem,” researcher Stephen Kajiura of Florida Atlantic University said on the school’s website. “They sweep through the waters and ‘spring clean’ as they weed out weak and sick fish, helping to preserve coral reefs and sea grasses.”

The hammerheads seem happy about their arrival, too.

The big fish make an immediate impression with their size. Hammerheads can range from 13 to 20 feet long and weigh up to 1,000 pounds, according to National Geographic. Blacktips can grow up to 8 feet and 220 pounds.

In other words, they better swim faster.

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