From 2021, Canadians will have to Apply for Travel Authorization to Visit Europe

Visiting to Europe will become a little more complex for Canadians, starting January 2021. They will have to complete some extra procedures in order to take off to Europe for tourism or business purposes.

So far, a valid passport has been sufficient for the people of Canada to visit Europe. But 2021 onwards, the Canadians will have to apply online for a travel pass as well if they have to visit any of the 26 Schengen countries. This travel pass is called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System).

The main purpose of ETIAS is to keep track of all the visitors who are coming from 60+ visa exempted countries. First introduced in 2016, the then European President, Jean-Claude Juncker, shared about ETIAS, “It is a way to know who is traveling to Europe before they even get here.” In a press release in 2016, EU cleared some of the misconceptions of people who believed ETIAS to be a visa. The press release said that it is just a travel authorization, and not a visa.

Since Canada is under EU visa free regime, the citizens here would have to apply for ETIAS before they can board a flight to a Schengen country. The complete application will take around 10 minutes, and will be priced at €7. The complications for this process will be lesser as compared to the Canadian ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

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