Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes You’ll Fall In Love With

The Four Percent

But many people are taking things one step further and making vegan recipes during the pandemic, cutting out all animal-based foods like eggs and milk, which have been tough to find in grocery stores lately. As we try to make do with available ingredients and also boost our health at a time when self-care is paramount, adopting a vegan diet (or at the very least, eating a few vegan meals every week) is a reasonable option.

But if you’re not used to eating vegan, prepare for your grocery list to look a whole lot different. Forget staples like butter and eggs, because you’ll be replacing them with cashews, healthy oils and specialty vegan substitutes.

Vegan recipes are like all the others ― there are lots of amazing ones, but lots of stinkers, too. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to take the guesswork out of it. Just make sure you read the ingredients carefully before making your grocery list to ensure you have everything you need on hand. Many foods you think may be vegan actually aren’t, so it’s important to stick to the recipe.

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