Duckie Thot Is Breaking Beauty Barriers

Is the runway more diverse? In the midst of the catwalk spectacles that take over New York, London, Milan and Paris this month, Duckie Thot, an Australian model now living in New York, would like to think so. Certainly the 23-year-old, who has a L’Oréal Paris contract, reflects changing perceptions in an industry that hasn’t always been known for broad notions of beauty.

“The beauty industry is evolving,” said Ms. Thot, who is vocal about inclusivity. “It’s come a long way from when I had to order things online because they weren’t carried at my local stores.” Below, she shares the beauty routine that will take her though her hectic month.

I wear a lot of makeup for work. So the first thing in the morning is to get it all off. I wash at night, but sometimes I have leftover mascara from a shoot. I love Bioderma, the micellar water. It’s really nice on my skin and doesn’t irritate it. I use it after work and in the morning.

I actually hydrate before my cleanser. I use the L’Oréal Hydra Genius Water Cream and let it sink in a little bit, maybe four or five minutes. I find it too drying if I’m removing makeup and cleansing all in one go. I think people forget that skin is very sensitive. And the steps take time as well.

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