Daily Habit HACKS – Checklist

What Are Habits
 An unconscious recurrent pattern of behavior
 How to recognize your habits o Internal review
 Requires self-reflection
 Analyzing your daily behaviors
 Determining how your behaviors make you feel o External Review
 Observe and study people around you
 Study your environment
 Observe the lives of successful people
 Types of habits o Two schools of thoughts
 Can be divided into four kinds
 Instigating
 Avoiding
 Regimental
 Unconscious
 Can be categorized into three groups based on the nature of activities
 Motor habits
 Intellectual habits
 Habit of character

How Habits Work
 The pattern of habits o The reminder
 Known as the cue or the trigger
 Responsible for telling your brain to go into automatic mode o The routine
 The behavior that is triggered by the reminder
 Can be mental, physical, or emotional
 Doesn’t require a conscious effort o The reward
 Can be positive or negative
 Helps your brain determine if a routine should be remembered
 Becomes encoded in our minds

Impact of Habits on Your Quality of Life
 The impact on your brain o Effects it either directly or indirectly o Make your mind needy o Brain becomes dependent on the cycle of habits o Can reduce your quality of life o Can become less joyful, duller, and gloomier
 The impact on your Health o Can reduce your quality of life o Imperative to avoid certain habits
 Smoking
 Lack of physical exercise
 Consuming alcohol

How to Break Bad Habits
 Define the habit o Conduct an internal and external review of your life o Have a better chance of dealing with the habit o Need to accept the habit and do what is needed to eliminate it
 Find a replacement o Key to breaking any bad habit o Must avoid leaving a vacuum
 Bad habit will creep back into your life o Make it a healthy habit
 Find your motivation o Don’t have motivation won’t get rid of the bad habit o Consider all the good reasons for breaking the bad habit
 Better health
 More money
 More time
 Less medical issues o Change your environment
 Have to distance yourself from bad influences
 Eliminate triggers
 Other steps for changing bad habits o Change your thinking
 Commit to a goal  Understand your habit
 Assess the context of your habit
 Make a plan o Change your behavior
 Change your environment
 Avoid triggers
 Create obstacles to the habit
 Create barriers that make the habit unpleasant
 Start small
 Take the process one step at a time
 Reward your successes
 Celebrate even small achievements
 Are patient
 It takes time to eliminate habits

How to Form Good Habits
 Start small o Make slight adjustments to your routine
 Decide when o Figure out when you’ll perform the new habit
t  Use a trigger
 Change your environment
 Visualize o Picture you daily routine o Picture how you will meet your new goal
 Use the “if: then” strategy
 Reward yourself
 Don’t be too hard on yourself

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