Contaminated Hotel Bedlinen and Towel Can Inject STD in You

People who think STD can infect through the human body only by skin contact, sexual intercourse, and blood transfusion, will shake their head after listening that the contaminated hotel bed linens and towels can also pass STD in you. Yes, it is true. Next time when you visit a hotel, be aware of not using such contaminated linen.

The topic came into interest when a five-star hotel’s bedsheet and towels were found uncleaned in China. And an infectious diseases expert said that sexually transmitted diseases could be passed through dirty bedsheet and towels in a human body. He also added that some bacterias on bedsheet can cause diarrhea in a healthy body.

To uncover the truth, conversations on various online health forms and talk shows have started among experts in Singapore. The country has a high number of STD screening cases due to infectious teenagers. And the demand for the STD clinic in Singapore has increased quickly over the years.

Dr. Leong Hoe Nam, an Infectious Diseases expert at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, said that STD could pass through contaminated bed linen and towels. And it also depends upon moisture on the surfaces or environment that help the bacterias, which produce STD, to survive. Dr. Leong also said that gonorrhea bacteria could live on a wet towel for 24 hours, and chlamydia bacteria can live up to 45 minutes on plastic material. These bacteria produce a virus which can be transmitted without any skin contact.

Dr. Leong also shared some tips to avoid STD while you visit a hotel room. He said that avoid sharing towels and keep the area dry to lower the chances of bacterias survival.

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