Brexit Who should I vote for? General election 2019 policy guide


brexit issues guide

The UK’s main parties have begun to announce their campaign promises ahead of a general election on 12 December.

To help you decide who you might vote for, use this guide to compare where the parties currently stand on the key issues.

This guide is updated when each party’s manifesto is published. A manifesto is the full list of official pledges parties make to voters, explaining what they would do if elected.

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So far, the Conservatives, Labour, SNP, Liberal Democrats, the Brexit Party, the Greens, the Independent Group for Change, Plaid Cymru and the Alliance Party have launched their manifestos. Their included policies are now official campaign pledges.

The issue areas in the guide are based on those highlighted in Ipsos Mori’s Issues Index, which measures the issues the public believe to be the most important facing the country.

More information on how the issues and parties were selected is in our methodology.

You can also see a full list of parties standing at the general election.

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