Barack Obama Called “Former Chicago Resident” In Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan Docuseries “The Last Dance” On ESPN

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“The Last Dance,” a new docuseries about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s, aired its first two episode Sunday night on ESPN.

Former president Barack Obama appeared in it in an on-camera interview, and viewers noticed he got some pretty cheeky billing:

“Former Chicago resident,” his chyron simply stated.

People really got a kick out of it.

Similarly, former president Bill Clinton appeared in the episode, but his chyron said “former Arkansas Governor.”

But the titles weren’t mistakes. They weren’t meant as a roast either, Director Jason Hehir explained to The Athletic.

Hehir said the two former presidents were specified in how they would have been connected to Jordan and the team during their dominance at the time.

In his interview, the “former Chicago resident” recalled what Michael Jordan meant to his city.

“When Michael first came to town, I didn’t have the money to buy tickets for Bulls games, even the discount ones back in the day,” Obama said in the episode, according to the Chicago Tribune. “I was pretty broke, but suddenly you have a sports figure that puts Chicago on the map and that everybody was able to rally around.”

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