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Have you heard of natural and non-toxic cleaning products yet? Over the past few years, they have become quite popular; enough to gain a sizable share of the cleaning market. That is no wonder, since there is just so much to love about them. Here’s why you should be using natural products to do most — if not all — of your cleaning.

1 – Natural cleaners work

One of the chief concerns people have when switching to natural products is that they may be less potent than the toxic alternatives. And in some cases, that is true. But that is only in a minority of cases.

Most natural cleaning products make use of citric extracts — and citric acid specifically — as an active cleaning agent. This natural extract has widely documented cleaning properties; it is as effective as most toxic options available in the market.

2 – Natural cleaners are better for your health

Notice we said that citric extracts clean better than *most* toxic options. That’s because some toxic cleaning products are more potent, but these are also the ones containing the most health-damaging ingredients, such as sulfuric acid and 2-Butoxyethanol. They are very hazardous, and for most forms of household use, there is no need to use something so strong.

Even when you set the strongest rust removers aside, everyday toxic cleaners are still very dangerous. Ammonia is known to cause allergic reactions, chlorine does the same and it damages your thyroid over time. In fact, the scariest part of constant exposure to harsh cleaning products is that a lot of the neurological and hormonal damage they cause is cumulative, and symptoms may take years to manifest. With natural cleaners, none of that is a concern.

3 – Natural cleaners are safer for the little ones

The potential cumulative damage listed above hits children and pets much harder than they do adults. That’s because both groups have smaller body mass and tend to stay closer to the floor than adults. Being closer to the floor makes it easier to breathe in toxic chemicals, and the smaller body mass means it takes less of said toxins to damage their bodies.

4 – Natural cleaners are better for the environment

Toxic cleaning products often end up in the sewers after they are used, which in a lot of places means those products go straight to the ocean. Thing is, most of the components in those products can permanently contaminate those bodies of water. Natural cleaners, as you probably guessed, are a lot less aggressive against the environment.

That said, you should still follow label instructions when disposing of natural products, and try to get the packaging recycled.

5 – Natural cleaners smell better

While toxic cleaners often have to add in all sorts of chemical perfumes to try and mask their naturally repulsive smell, natural cleaners get away with letting you smell their natural scent. That’s because citrus extracts smell good naturally. They will leave your house smelling of fresh oranges or lemons.

“Better for you” products are taking over the market from all sides, and they don’t all hold merit. Natural cleaning products, however, are one of those green solutions that just make sense across the board. They are one of the many ways you can make your home a healthier place to be.

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