Implementing An Online Voting System For US Citizens Considered

At some point in the close to future we can have on line and clever phone voting apps. I doubt anyone who has ever taken into consideration this, might suppose otherwise. Still, despite the fact that we know that this future capacity eventuality is in high-opportunity, we additionally are aware of it will no longer be easy to create. Especially if we need to keep it safe from voter fraud and hacking – so permit’s discuss the steps had to bring such destiny voting technology into fruition lets?

1. Create a beta app that isn’t always launched (surely for testing security features and app fluency)

2. Have the newly elected officers communicate approximately the app as a manner to create new coverage.

3. Use the app to the maximum limited amount (so perhaps just neighborhood coverage before everything)

four. Then as the brand new rules begin to come approximately put in force the whole app to get the biggest effect.

Okay, on object number one, can we use existing survey or polling apps for the basis, take a look at their safety techniques, also rent a few ‘white hat’ hackers to attempt to interrupt in? Should we borrow some strategies of mobile gadgets for security? Should we contact the EFF for his or her thoughts in this too? What approximately the oldsters at Google?

Number 2 should not be much of a problem.

Number 3 – I am certain we are able to get neighborhood governments to strive it out in all 50-states right away, the fee would not be sizeable, we need a little advertising piece and some smart more youthful humans to name on cities to do this, possibly towns that have controversy and some challenges – that would be easy, neighborhood town council and county supervisors might be best spokespeople. Smaller states could undertake it quick, high-tech states would possibly need a exclusive version (NIMBY have an effect on) however if we roll it out fast sufficient, we would be capable of maintain it regularly occurring, and the Federal Government would appearance to us first, plus, a huge sponsor like a Google could want to incorporate us into their gadget. What your mind approximately any such large scale partnering?

Number 4 – What additional features can we introduce as we scale up? What things do we research or desire to examine in an effort to assist us make such selections? Much may be trial and errors and adapting as we develop proper, is that your wondering right here? That’s usually the way it is going with begin-ups?

Okay so, allow’s upload some more statistics to this topic.

You see, there has been an exciting article in CNN on November eight, 2011, titled; "Why cannot Americans vote on-line?" by using Doug Gross which said: "Advocates say the time is proper to significantly don’t forget letting citizens cast a ballot from the consolation in their homes or even on the screens in their cell telephones. ‘We’ve voted the manner we’ve for the past 2 hundred years because we could not do any better than that,’ said Rob Weber, a former IT professional at IBM who runs the blog Cyber the Vote. ‘Now, we have this era that has revolutionized the relaxation of our lives… (and) can revolutionize our balloting system and will revolutionize our political machine’."

Now then, it appears this concept is on its manner and it is only a be counted of time – perhaps it will likely be a truth in 10-12 years. That could be my guess. Think on this.

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