Donald J Trump Is Not The President of america – Yet!

While in a democracy, we vote for our elected officials. All across America, we have one guy, one vote. The Electoral College was hooked up in 1787, that is 229 years ago. The men who drafted the Constitution debated several formats for electing the president and vice chairman — having Congress vote, having the state legislatures select, using a right away popular vote — before selecting the Electoral College format. The Electoral College is a system, no longer a place. The founding fathers set up it inside the Constitution as a compromise among election of the President by using a vote in Congress and election of the President via a popular vote of qualified residents. Let’s observe the facts both parties Republican and Democrats are faced with:

Donald Trump had a combat with NBC and instructed them he become allegedly going to run for President whilst a deal fell thru between each events. Of route, being the revengeful individual that Trump has exhibited-he decided to run for office. Trump is not an legal professional and never have been. He is a skilled real property developer and pitchman. Trump has no longer that I’m conscious ever ran for governor of New York or Mayor both. He is seventy-years-antique and will have run for a State Representative or Senator from New York. Trump chose now not to do that. He could have additionally taken publications in law school; he chose no longer to do this either.

In the interim, he elected to end up a rallying cry for the five boys that killed a Central Park jogger in 1985, whilst Trump took out a complete-page advert to rail against the defendant; 5 teenagers; one Mexican and four African Americans. Trump changed into verified wrong. Due to DNA, the men have been all exonerated. None of them had been guilty. Trump at the time by no means decided to wait law college so he would end up educated and cultivated in jurisprudence. Trump could have found out approximately the philosophy, practices, and theories of regulation.

When Donald Trump decided to run for the Presidency, he was the creator of the ‘birther movement’ that stated President Barack Obama become no longer born in the united states of america and become playing a few trick on the American human beings. He has verified wrong again. Donald Trump got here out of his penthouse rental in Trump Tower and made the most tough announcement of any Presidential candidate in history.

He came from the escalator, approached the microphone and stated this "Mexicans are "bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists." He went on to say that perhaps some are real people, not positive. And that become his pitch from the microphone in June 2015. Throughout the election, he insulted people from all creeds, backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities that there are too many to call. The maximum prolific abuse became of a Muslim circle of relatives, the Kahn’s, Gold Star Members are from a membership no person wants to a part of due to the nature of the way you become a member-someone inside the family has to die serving in navy carrier. Furthermore, Trump has but to make an apology for any of his excessive perspectives.

White nationalist like, Steve Bannon jumped on board and whilst he did the Klu Klux Klan observed, who had been dormant and did not involve themselves in political topics for the maximum part. Donald Trump did no longer denounce any of the extreme groups earlier than or now. He has allowed them to latch themselves onto his political aspirations (as though in fear if absolutely everyone dares to take the Presidency from him he is aware of these humans may also motive chaos) therefore; Trump should remain aloof of the result in their moves. The choices seem to be bigots and racial oligarchs. The Corporate Capitalist could in no way help the poor, lower-class, or middle training in America. We saw what they could do in 2008; at some point of the housing crisis. The banks grew to become their backs at the middle class and the automobile enterprise.

In remaining, the election become complete of untruths conspiracy theorists just like the Alex Jones sorts and Colonel General Michael Flynn approximately a pizza baby sex ring, which became no longer authentic. The Trump campaign fired the son of Flynn in advance this week. This election has been the craziest of circus acts that we’ve ever witnessed. It appears that the Republican Party (GOP) has been taken over by using the billionaire magnificence. And at some point of the campaign, the lock her up (the cry from the Trump citizens generated) from her association with Wall Street company ‘fat cats,’ and the Trump campaign is hiring the whole state of them. The billionaire magnificence will never do the need of the not unusual man? That would not even sound right as I write after which say it.

If the Electoral College is 229 years old and it’s in location to provide the parties an opportunity to observe the facts and take a 2nd study who changed into elected and no longer with the famous vote I would possibly upload. Hillary Clinton has 2.1 million more famous votes than Trump. I am not suggesting that the Republicans chose Hillary, she turned into now not on their poll, I heard that Patriot John Kasich is in consideration. I suppose the Electoral College have to do the whole lot; to help Donald J. Trump come to be the maximum successful Apprentice Executive Producer there ever changed into. And he can retain to sell his brand all over the international hemisphere as he pleases and leaves politics to the individuals who love and recognize it. And deserve it.

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