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Best Amazon Tech Deals of the Week!

Best Amazon Tech Deals of the Week!

– I have your top five Amazon tech deals of the week,
sweet savings ready for your tech and a big giveaway.
(bright chiming music)
Hi, I'm the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite.
Welcome to the best spot for savings anywhere,
and I give all of the awesome items
that I get to test away to the great people watching.
Wouldn't have this channel without you,
wouldn't really have a mission in life without
you, so thanks for bein' here.
If you expand the video description
box right under me, you can find the
links to all of the savings this week,
and two of the top five tech deals
are actually both tied to travel.
One, you can use anywhere, but
following Christmas is when I get a lot of travel requests.
A lot of people realize they were
under-equipped for the holidays.
The first thing that I wanna show you
is a way to add ports that you
can safely charge your devices with
to the backseat of your car and the front.
Really cool contraption, lemme show you how this works.
It's that item you wish you had
during your holiday road trips,
a way to not only bring two safe
charge ports to the front of your car,
but also right straight to the back.
Even in a modern car like this,
as you can see, you get two socket
chargers, but nothing to plug a USB into.
That's why this is awesome.
So you plug this in, and then your
cigarette lighter or your DC adapter
is now ready to power an Apple or Android device.
This can then clip into the backseat
so you can charge two more devices
for any passengers on a road trip.
Now that we're in the backseat,
this extended from the front can
charge both Apple and Android devices,
so you can see my Android is charging,
the iPhone beside it is now charging,
and then the best thing is, all
you need to do is clip this to the back
of a seat back, wherever it is you
want it, and you have two additional
ports in the back, two in the front,
a charge party for everyone in the vehicle!
The second travel accessory, which
would actually be something you
could use in any other room of your home
is the iClever BoostCube, a way to
safely charge four products, and
while many of you love the power
strip that I featured a while ago,
this is more of a device that
you would put on your counter on your desk at work.
For those lookin' to just quickly
pack up and go, this is my favorite grab.
Four fast charging smart ports ready for Apple and Android.
Let's really put this to the test.
So, first thing goes in, iPhone 10.
Now, keep in mind, this phone is,
like $1,300 fully loaded, and you
wanna be careful what you plug into it.
It's charging.
Next thing, very demanding, I don't
even understand how this is a contraption.
This things is larger than my first apartment.
It's an iPad Pro.
Gonna plug this into the USB port right above it,
and, as you can see, this is now charging.
Extremely demanding.
You could charge Android devices,
you could charge power banks, this is great!
Gonna plug a power bank in here.
This, as you can see, is now charging.
This gets it done using smart fast charging technology.
Absolutely ready to rock out of the box.
You can find the link to that detail
located right under the video screen.
Now, let's take a look at three of
the other hot Amazon deals this week.
If you're looking to get back in shape
without giving your wallet too much
of a workout, the fitness equipment
bargains on Amazon, I'll call 'em
absolutely phenomenal, and in many cases,
you're gonna get free assembly tied
to Amazon's home services, which
is an awesome incentive right now.
If you're lookin' to get your back in shape,
some of the top rated Amazon Basics
back chairs, including the high back chair,
seeing substantial discounts.
If improving your posture or just
sitting more comfortably was one
of your New Year's resolutions,
I don't think it was, but, for me,
I sit like an idiot, so I'm trying
to improve myself, and this may be
a great way to make that happen.
And $5 going a long way with a flash
sale tied to magazine subscriptions at Amazon.
Keep in mind, magazines make great Valentines Day gifts.
You can always start the subscription early,
pick something up from a convenience store,
put a bow on it, hand it to your
significant other, and you have
a gift that gives year round.
Again, the link to all of the deals
that I found located right under this video screen.
If there's something that I haven't
highlighted recently where you
wanna save money and you need that
item at a discount, please leave
me a comment, lemme know what it
is that you're looking for.
I can't respond to all the comments,
'cause there's so many, which is amazing,
but I do read through them and I really wanna hook you up.
Okay, alright, now, I'm gonna give
one of these away for free to
a very lucky subscriber today.
You pick item that you saw on my list.
Using two of a buddy's random selection tools
to find a subscriber who's commented
in the last six months, congratulations
goes to Alexis Gonzalez!
Whoa, yeah, awesome, whoo!
You thought something was gonna fall on me, didn't you?
But it didn't, 'cause I'm safe
and mildly coordinated, and if you
wanna make sure you are ready to
score my next big freebee, I'll hook you up.
Very easy process.
Just click on my head right here,
that'll subscribe you to this channel.
If you need help turning on your
notifications or leaving a comment,
just click over here, and the last
big roundup of deals I found right over here.

Best Amazon Black Friday 2017 Deals (Top 50!)

Best Amazon Black Friday 2017 Deals (Top 50!)

– Your best Black Friday deals on are here,
plus your access to a huge giveaway.
(light music)
Hi, I'm the Deal Guy, Matt Granite.
I unbox and hunt down the biggest tech deals in the country.
When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday,
I have more hookups than anyone else.
Great to be with you.
Thank you for watching.
New subscribers, welcome.
If you have just subscribed to get free stuff,
that's good, I promise I will have free stuff,
but hopefully you will stay with me
a little bit longer than that to save more money
than you've ever thought possible.
How to make your home smart,
how to make smart spending decisions,
and also, our little frugal family here gets hooked up
with all the items I test on a regular basis.
I'm going to explain at the end of this video
how you can score any item in front of me,
but when it comes to Amazon, some of you guys know that
I also host a show with Amazon, and I have inside access
to a lot of their information,
and from the Fire tablets at their lowest recorded prices
that have Alexa built in, I wanna show you why this is
one of my favorite grabs, but also get through Echo deals,
Hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, blenders.
Alright, you know what?
Let's start with the Hoverboard.
It is definitely the year of the Hoverboard.
This thing goes really fast.
You get up to eight miles, very responsive.
I mean, look at this, look at how it's responding
to my body and I can stop, it can turn.
It's got a SmartChip technology in here.
This handles up to 330 pounds of weight,
and it has all of the safety features.
So, watch what happens when I step off.
It stops in place.
Very responsive, beautiful unit, and I am telling you, this
is one of my favorite holiday gifts.
Echo products at their lowest prices beyond belief.
Very excited about this.
This is a great way to make your home smart on a dime.
The single best deal on an electric bike
this Black Friday is this thing.
Absolutely amazing, self-assisted, so, you pedal like
a regular bike, but it has all of the gears and all of
the features, and an awesome horn.
This, at its lowest recorded price.
I mean, I'm flying on this.
You can go so fast, your sharp turns, it's, ugh!
I love this deal!
This is an amazing camera.
It's a great surveillance system, it has night vision.
Check, check.
You can speak to a potential delivery person or culprit,
use this as a nanny cam.
And to have this at this incredible price.
First of all, you can pan, you can tilt,
you can switch camera angles.
And the other reason that I absolutely love this,
and I'm sorry you can't really appreciate
the resolution the same way.
Your best blender deal this holiday season,
hands down this bad boy.
I had one of my favorite chefs put it to the test.
It blended ice like it was no one's business.
Great for smoothies, sauces, whatever it is.
BPA free, ready to rock, hugely well-rated, and I love it!
At under $30, one of my favorite speakers
this holiday season is not only Bluetooth and wireless,
but it is very Apple-esque.
This even looks like the new Amazon Echo speakers.
It kind of has that look to it, except it's under 30 bucks.
And the sound out of this, absolutely phenomenal.
(music playing)
I'm also a huge fan of the Fire tablet deals, a great way
to get a fully loaded tablet with Alexa built in let me
show you one of the brand new models that you can also
score on sale.
One of the things I love about this tablet is that at its
core it's an Amazon Echo, Alexa what's the weather
in Toronto?
– [Alexa] In Toronto, Canada it's 46 degrees with cloudy
skies, tonight you can look for…
– Alexa, share a thought from the cloud.
– [Alexa] A friend of mine is the voice for an elevator.
Seems like a cool job.
But it bet it has a lot of ups and downs.
– And even in terms of home automation, this doesn't need
to be in my home for me to be able to use this as a home
Alexa turn my couch light off.
– [Alexa] Okay.
– And at my house right now the couch light would've gone
off and with Dolby audio speakers, it's also a good music
system if you are traveling.
Alexa, play music by Madilyn Bailey.
– [Alexa] Shuffling songs by Madilyn Bailey.
(light music)
– So again not the most breathtaking speakers you'll ever
hear but better than a lot of portable bluetooth speakers
and this is really easy to travel with.
At under 90 bucks one of my favorite power banks can not
only handle charging an iPad, an iPhone, two Android devices
simultaneously, but there's enough power in this bad boy
to jumpstart a car or a truck, comes with jumper cables,
all the accessories you need.
Hugely well rated and you get an emergency flashlight.
At under 50 bucks one of the top rated massage brands
in the world Naipo has this Black Friday deal.
This is ultra portable, it has heat, it can handle your
lower back, different shiatsu in 3D kneading modes,
really good because it also comes with a car adapter,
not obviously for the driver but for a passenger
on a long road trip, this thing is great, works with any
couch or chair that you already have, awesome!
My favorite power bank deal this Black Friday is an Iclever
charger, this thing is amazing, it comes with all
the accessories you would need, it also comes with a really
nice carrying case, but this has more power than most power
banks on the market at this price.
I'm going to plug my Android phone in by the way
and then I am also, this is charging, going to plug in
the iPad and this is powerful enough to give well more
than an extra day of battery life to big demanding devices.
It also has a quick charge technology meaning that both
devices are not only getting charged faster, they will not
At under 70 bucks down from 100, the top rated karoke
system on Amazon, you get a really nice LCD display
and this is a two channel microphone system where it
includes both mics so even if you're not into karoke
and heaven knows I am, this would be good for a meeting,
a wedding, a conference, these are serious professional
grade microphones, crazy good price.
If you are looking for a wireless smart bluetooth scale,
this is a smart scale that's absolutely awesome, hugely
well rated, got a beautiful aesthetic to it and to find
this for under 35 bucks on Black Friday where you compare
all of the information that it gathers from your smartphone,
follow trends, this is doctor recommended, this thing
is going to sell out.
At under 15 bucks one of my favorite protective sleeves,
this is great for a Chromebook, a Macbook Pro, this is
right in here a $2300 fully loaded laptop and I'm totally
cool to do that because this has the padding, the protection
it is really nice, it's also water repellent, as you can see
the water just spills off as though there's absolutely
nothing and inside the laptop is completely dry, heck yes.
– Hey guys I helped Matt find the best fashion deals
for you, as always my favorite are the purses, my favorite
purse of this week is definitely this one, it's got a nice
off brown color to it, I can dress it up with any
of my outfits and take it anywhere, I can take it to work,
to school, absolutely everywhere.
I would take this bag to school with me absolutely every
single day, it fits all of my textbooks, all my binders,
my laptop, absolutely everything I need and more.
– At under 15 bucks, one of my favorite car mounts, this is
secure, great for a GPS, great for iPhones, Androids,
iPhone 10, Android, this works great and as you can see
the phone does not fall out, imagine this over speedbumps
no issues, really like this.
Android phone no issues, Samsung, and this would also be
great with a GPS unit or if you are using your phone
as a GPS.
At under 10 bucks and unfortunately I got so many requests
for these following those devastating hurricanes down South,
this is a hand crank emergency flashlight, so very bright
LEDs, solar panel on top, I mean for under 10 bucks,
you also get the hand crank, so this could easily illuminate
very dark corners you hope you never need it, it also has
a clip.
If you're looking to score the number one pillow on Amazon
this is another deal you need to see, you will not see
ratings like this tied to any other pillow on the market,
these sleep pillows are breathable, they don't get hot,
they help with neck and back pain, they diminish snoring,
they keep your airways open and they're the most
comfortable things in the world, it's all tied to the coils
and the beautiful springs inside the pillow.
These pillows come with an unheard of 20 year guarantee.
Of all the products this holiday season, this is one
that could potentially save your life, yes you get a phone
charged out of this with the USB output, but you also get
emergency LEDs, an emergency flashlight, a window breaker,
on top of that within here you get a seatbelt cutter.
So heaven forbid you ever need to use this, this is
something that my wife carries in her glove compartment
at all times, it's something I highly recommend.
This product approved by local fire chiefs that had a chance
to check this out.
I am a big fan of this 4k action cam, comes with all
of the accessories, I mean when do you get this, every
possible accessory for all different types of sports
and mounts and bike riding and underwater and scuba diving,
I am a licensed scuba diver, I would totally love this
on my next dive.
The waterproof casing is included, this is not like a go pro
where you're buying all these other accessories, you're
getting it at a fraction of the price, you get a really
nice LCD on the back, at under 60 bucks your ability
to capture 4k video could not come in
at a more inviting price.
Echo dot also being bundled with all sorts of accessories
this Black Friday.
If you're looking for an awesome wifi range extender
and signal booster, we have that.
This is one of the top rated vacuum seal systems you
will see on Amazon with nearly perfect reviews, this is
a great way to extend the life of your food I had some
chefs weigh in on their favorite products and this is one
of the ones on the list also on my holiday list as well.
Hands down my favorite mattress deal this holiday season
is this cool gel memory foam, ah I love this.
If you want to have a sleep where you are taking care
of your back, ah, it's amazing I love this, ships and sold
directly from Amazon, prices as low as 250, 350 if you
choose the queen, which I did.
This, (mumbles) on a bed frame it's going to be absolutely
amazing, 10 year warranty, it's like a cloud in heaven
and I love it.
Even top rated wireless vacuum cleaners, I'm talking
the best selling ones, best rated ones on
$200 off.
Now I've showed you a lot of items, just expand that video
description box right under me, you can get these items
in stock right now at their Black Friday pricing and if you
want to win any of the items on the table in front of me,
these are all upcoming deals, but these are also all
upcoming freebies, your pick of anything, I'm serious.
There will be several draws in the videos that follow
the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so if you're not
subscribed if you do that with your notifications turned on
you not only have access to all of the upcoming deals
and doorbusters as they drop, but you could win any item
of your choice.
By the way if you could win any item from smart TVs
to the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox One X, the Sony PS4 Pro,
what would it be, just curious.
Before I say goodbye, if you are not yet subscribed,
a very easy way to get hooked up, just click on my head
over here that'll subscribe you to the channel, if you need
help turning on your notifications or leaving a comment
just click right over here sort of toward the smart TV
and if you missed that last big roundup of deals I profiled
click over here.

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Piya Tu ab toh aaja
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Music Director: R D Burman
Singers: Asha Bhosle & R D Burman
Director: Nasir Hussain

Song: Sweety Tera Drama
Singers: Dev Negi, Pawni Pandey & Shraddha Pandit
Music: Tanishk Bagchi
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